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Premier Cooling & Heating understands that HVAC equipment is critical and repairing equipment is our first response. A proper diagnostic of your equipment before making recommendations is our first priority. We pride ourselves on getting the most out of equipment as well as making recommendations that help to avoid investing in equipment that is no longer efficient or not worth the investment. We will provide you with the data that will allow you to make informed decisions about the repair. New equipment recommendations are a last resort and a fiscally prudent alternative not a lazy first choice.


Premier Cooling & Heating believes in H.V.A.C designs that are functional and make sense. Regardless of what type of equipment you buy, if it is not designed and installed properly you could be wasting money. There is a lot of high S.E.E.R expensive equipment out there that is not providing the client with the savings they paid for because of poor design. We utilize certified state of the art load calculation software to provide us with the correct data to properly size your system and design your new ductwork or correct existing ductwork.

Premier Cooling & Heating residential installation’s benefit from the years of commercial installation experience our technicians have. We like to approach our installations from a quality materials and serviceability standpoint. We like to think about the maintenance or service technician coming behind us approach. One of the biggest reasons the equipment is not maintained properly is because lack of accessibility and poor design. In most cases in the commercial equipment application an independent commissioning agent will point out improper installations and functionality of the system then, verify that they have been corrected. This is not the case in residential and that’s a good reason to hire a contractor you can trust will do the job properly. Premier Cooling & Heating takes the commercial quality approach to residential applications.

From a commercial standpoint a regular cooling tower cleaning and maintenance can help you reduce the mineral deposits on chiller tubes that reduce efficiency and down time from tube cleaning procedures.


Maintaining your system is an integral part of getting the life expectancy out of your system.

In South West Florida the humidity levels are extremely high and HVAC systems produce a lot of humidity that creates extreme condensate volume. The high volume of condensate creates Zooglea a “white slime” bacteria that will eventually clog your drain line. A clogged drain line can lead to loss of comfort cooling “best case” scenario, because of safety switch or severe water damage “worst case” scenario. A dirty filter can lead to frozen coils that can produce the same results. Premier Cooling & Heating can help prevent the chance that this will happen.

From a commercial standpoint, a regular cooling tower cleaning and maintenance can help you reduce the mineral deposits on chiller tubes that reduce efficiency considerably which can lead to expensive operating costs and down time from frequent tube cleaning procedures. A regular cooling tower cleaning is really a must in South West Florida to avoid costly repairs and parts replacement.

Air cooled chillers should have regular maintenance to keep the condenser coils clean and transferring heat properly. A dirty condenser coil can cause higher operating costs due to higher refrigerant pressures that increase the energy consumption of the compressors. The energy consumption, especially adds up if you’re operating multiple compressors. Premier Cooling & Heating can keep your air cooled chiller clean and remove any trash or debris that may be pulled into the chiller on each visit. A clean well maintained system will cost you less and even extend the life of the system.


Air Quality has become the main issue concerning people lately in residential applications for good reason. Staying safe and healthy has never been more important due to the ramifications of getting sick in today’s environment. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help keep your family healthy and give you piece of mind. There are many filtration and U.V lighting solutions available that can drastically reduce the air borne particulate circulating in your home as well as reduce the exposure to harmful bacteria. If you have allergies or are just looking to provide a safe environment for your family Premier Cooling & Heating can provide you with a solution that’s right for you.


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